Frequently Asked Questions

With the season nearly upon us, here are the answers to a few of the questions that we get on a regular basis.

When is the registration deadline?
The regular registration deadline is Saturday, February 20th for T-Ball 1 through Pony leagues. After February 20th, registration will remain open through February 28th and late fees will apply. 

I missed the registration deadline, can I still get my child into the program?
Beginning February 29th, all registrations are automatically placed on the waitlist. Staff then evaluates program registrations, including the waitlists to determine if additional spots might be available. Factors considered include whether or not additional coaches are available, facility space is available, and what the impact may be on roster sizes. If spots become available, parents will be contacted by registration staff to let them know that they have been placed into the program.

We made a request for our child to be placed on a team with his friends and/or with a specific coach. Is that a possibility?

The only guarantee is that the Head Coach and one Assistant Coach will have their children placed together. For T-Ball through Shetland, we then try to place participants with other players from their school (as noted below). While the requests will be looked at, a variety of factors preclude us from being able to honor all of them.

Team Formation Guidelines:

TBall 1 & 2 (Pre-K/Kindergarten) – Teams grouped together by schools as evenly as possible with no restrictions as to the number of players from a given school.

Bantam (1st Grade) - Teams grouped together by schools as evenly as possible with no restrictions as to the number of players from a given school.

Shetland (2nd Grade) - Teams grouped together by schools with no more than approximately ½ of the roster from any given school.

Minor A/Minor AA/Majors (3rd - 6th grade) - Teams will be formed via draft.

Pony (7th/8th grade) - Teams will be formed via draft.

But Johnny and nine of his closest friends were really looking forward to playing with each other and for Coach (insert coach's name) and (insert reason). Can't they just all be placed on a team together?
Unfortunately, we have probably been too lenient and accommodating with regards to requests over the years. It is the number one complaint that we receive year in and year out. We have tried our best but it inevitably has led to Johnny requesting to play with Stevie requesting to play with George and so on to the point that in some instances, the requests outnumbered the roster spots that we allot each team.

We registered in January and have not heard from a coach yet. When will we be notified?
Coaches will receive rosters (T-Ball 1 through Shetland) and/or complete their draft (Minor A/Minor AA/Majors & Pony) by the third week in March. After that point, they are asked to contact their players no later than the beginning of Spring Break.  

Evaluations are held for the Minor A/Minor AA/Majors and Pony leagues for players in 3rd-8th grade. Evaluations are not try-outs and are just one tool that coaches use in order to help draft their team. Any player registered prior to February 28th will be placed on a team.

Sunday, February 21 - Minor A/Minor AA/Majors (last names A-M) - 9am-12noon 
Sunday, February 21 - Pony - 12:30pm-2:30pm

Sunday, February 21 - Minor A/Minor AA/Majors (last names N-Z) - 9am-12noon

When do practices begin?
Practices will begin the week of April 4th.

When do games begin?
Games for T-Ball 1 through Shetland will begin on Saturday, April 23rd. Games for Minor A/Minor AA/Majors & Pony will begin April 16th. 

How long does the season last?

All leagues will run through late June.

When are practices and games?
Unlike instructional programs which have very specific days and times, by nature, due to the large number of participants and teams, leagues (including Glen Ellyn Youth Baseball) have a very different structure.

Games and practices are held at Village Green Park, as well as other local parks and schools depending on the volunteer coach’s schedule and facility availability.  Practices are generally held once per week (Monday-Friday) in the evening, with games played on Saturdays.  Game schedules are dependent on the number of teams at any given level, but will start as early as 8am for the 1st and 2nd grade leagues, followed by the older leagues throughout the day, into early evening.  As is common with league play, game times may vary from week to week as teams play different opponents.

When will game schedules be available?
It is expected that schedules will be available the week of April 4th. They will be posted online, along with all other league information at: