Lightning Alerts

Here are the guidelines for dealing with lightning:

All users of Glen Ellyn Park District facilities must follow this current policy. 

Please note: the ThorGuard lightning detection system is no longer in place at Village Green. Do not wait for an alarm to go off to stop your game. There will be no alarm this season. If you are at Village Green you may hear the alarm at the Village Links Golf Coarse go off which is a good indication you should stop your game and seek shelter.

In the event of lightning or thunder, play must be immediately suspended if:

1) ANY Thunder is heard regardless of how far away it is believed to be. 

2) ANY Lightning is seen regardless of how far away it is believed to be. 

If a game is delayed due to thunder or a visual spotting of lightning at a field, 30 minutes without another spotting must pass before play resumes. 

Seeking Shelter - It is recommended that park patrons and staff seek and remain in lightning-protected buildings in the event of threatening weather. If such shelter is unavailable, patrons are encouraged to get into their cars, avoid areas that are higher than surrounding landscape, stay away from trees and metal objects such as bicycles and umbrellas.

Seeking Shelter is NOT.....  remaining in the dugouts or playing in areas of the facility that are not baseball fields.


Thank you for following these guidelines and please remember that the safety of the kids comes absolutely first in our program!