Fall Ball

Glen Ellyn Youth Baseball Association continues to grow its Fall Baseball program. Thank you to everyone that participates and everyone who volunteers to make this a successful program.

About Fall Ball

Fall Baseball allows kids to enjoy organized baseball in the fall while they continue to develop their baseball skills.

The season will run from mid-August through late-September with an end of the season tournament.

There are three leagues divided by the following age groups: 9U (8 & 9 year olds), 11U (10 & 11 year olds) and 13U (12 & 13 year olds). The age of the player as of April 30th of the current year determines the league age.

Each league is made up of teams from both Glen Ellyn Youth Baseball and Lombard Baseball. 

Rules of play will be determined by GEYBA and Lombard Baseball. Pitching and base distances and other rules will be similar to rules that the player will be using during their next spring season.

The time commitment will involve at least one weekday practice with two week-end games. This may vary depending on weather, make up games and scheduling issues. A serious commitment of 80-90% participation in practices and games is encouraged. 

Field Locations

Games in Glen Ellyn will be played at Village Green Park

Lombard Field Locations


Registration for Fall Baseball can be done on line at the Glen Ellyn Park District web site or in person at the Main Street or Spring Avenue Rec Centers.

9 &U*          (8 and 9 years old)

11& U*         (10 and 11 years old)

13 & U*        (12 and 13 years old)

*Age eligibility is based on age as of April 30 of the current year. Players wishing to play above their age level can request a waiver form by emailing fallball@glenellynbaseball.com . The form must be turned in to either Main Street Rec Center or Spring Avenue Rec Center. This will be subject to approval.

This fee includes uniform, equipment use, fields, umpires and baseballs. 


Team parity will be achieved based on coaches evaluations of players from the spring season. 

If player was not in the spring program we will try to use input from the parent. An on-the-field evaluation may need to be scheduled to evaluate players at certain age levels. More information on team makeup will be available as the season approaches.

All players will be assigned to a team. Depending on the number of players that sign up for each league, some teams may be made up of players from Glen Ellyn and Lombard.

General Rules (subject to change)

1. Wildcat batting order and free substitution.

2. Pitching Limitation: 4 innings per weekend. One pitch thrown constitutes an inning pitched.

3. Only those on the team roster plus the manager, two adult coaches, and the scorekeeper are allowed in the dugouts.

4. Scheduled game time will be forfeit time. Teams must have at least 9 players in order to start game. In event of injury, teams may continue with 8 players.

5. Two (2) hit batters in one inning or three (3) in one game and the pitcher must be removed.

6. Metal spikes or cleats are allowed only in the 13U Division. 9U & 11U, no metal spikes.

7. Only the team manager may question the umpire’s ruling.

8. Play-off tie breaker

       a. Overall record

       b. Head to Head record

       c. Head to Head runs allowed

       d. Overall runs allowed

       e. Coin Toss

Field Dimensions 


Base to Base

Between Diagonal Bases

Home to Pitcher's Plate













For further information of if you have any questions, please contact the fall ball commissioner at  fallball@glenellynbaseball.com