Volunteer Awards

Larry Pecorella Award:

This award is presented annually to a volunteer member of the Glen Ellyn Youth Baseball Association to honor that individual’s lifetime contributions to the program both as a manager/coach and as a member of the various committees which are responsible for the operation of the program. This award is named for Larry Pecorella, who served as President of Glen Ellyn Youth Baseball from 2002 to 2004 and was instrumental in both the return of the baseball program to the Glen Ellyn Park District and the development of the Village Green Complex.

Past honorees include:

2004 Larry Pecorella

2005 Chip Lee/Bob Dobosz

2006 Bob McCray

2007 Jeff Grayson

2008 Dan Schuchardt

2009 Tom Long

2010 Rick Cosenza

2011 Bill Beck

2012 Jim Schuchardt

2013 Mike Fazzari

2014 Susan Brugh


Rich Macken Award:

This award is presented each year to recognize a person whose involvement in the Glen Ellyn Youth Baseball as a manager/coach best exemplifies the program’s goal of bringing the love of the game to the children of Glen Ellyn. This award is given in memory of Rich Macken, a long-time manager in the program, who continued to give his time to the children and the program while battling Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Past honorees include:

2002 Kathy Brinker

2003 Patrick (Packy) Foley

2004 George Wilcox

2005 Jack H. Marston, II

2006 Ken Janacek/Tom Nealis/Glenn Reynolds/Pete Vlasses

2007 Mike McGee

2008 Joe Trunk

2009 Ray Moen

2010 Dan Sadowski

2011 Bob Clauss

2012 Jeff Sojka

2013 Steve Lutz

2014 Roland Emanuel


Chairman’s Award:

This award is presented annually to an individual (volunteer or otherwise) associated with the Glen Ellyn Youth Baseball Association in recognition of their contributions to the program over the past year as judged solely by the Park District Executive Committee Co-Chairperson.

Past honorees include:

2010 Dan Griffin/Ed Herlihy

2011 Doug Ardell/Tony Ryan

2012 Nick Ruffo/Rob Lachs

2013 Kristie Ryan/Jean Taylor/Brian Paprota

2014 Jim Laubinger/Jay Westberg